Home Decor

Corner Laundry Basket, Storage Dirty Cloths in Washroom, Bathroom, Bedroom

Material: Bamboo

Design: customized as you like

Producing: Hand made by craftman, high quality


Bamboo Reusable Paper Plate Holder

Simple and yet very stylish wicker plate. Great for cakes, fruit,...They are designed to simply hold the paper plate in place and you don't have to worry about the physical integrity of the plate as it is safe to use.


Bamboo Basket

This woven basket is perfect for fruits, breads, crumpets and more. You can also it in your pantry to store away with your bakery products on it or any other dried goods. Is very versatile and can easily be used anywhere throughout the home.


Vietnam Bamboo Basket

Rattan Basket perfect for newspapers, photos or other memorabilia. Rattan has 100% natural